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Cycliq Fly6 CE, a Garmin Varia RTL510 & a saddle bag?

Short Story: The Solution

Sometimes you spend a lot of time trying to find an answer for a item that doesn’t exist… so you MacGyver a solution… and then you find out that Topeak already has a solution. Haaa… you got me good on this one Topeak. The SPORT CAMERA MULTI-MOUNT (free shipping code: “TopeakTom”) is a versatile action camera mounting solution… and even more importantly it will allow me to run a Garmin Varia Radar, a Cycliq Fly 6 CE with a saddle bag for all my flat fixing supplies. You win!

Free shipping on all Topeak products this holiday season with the code = “TopeakTom”

The Long Story: My MacGyver Process

So there has to be a way to have it all… the awareness of the Varia radar, the security of rear-facing video footage captured from my Cycliq Fly CE, and all the supplies to fix a flat without weighing down my back jersey pockets. SIDE NOTE: jersey pockets should obviously be saved for Skratch chews, bars and other treats.

The brand PRO makes a saddle with some rear mounting options, but I’m a Specialized guy, POWER saddle all the way…, so what options have I found?

Some Specialized mounts are available for rear StiX lights, some off-brand options to mount a camera but it’s so close that a saddle bag would be tough… plus if those velcro straps aren’t secure that saddle bag won’t survive railroad crossings or wooden camel-back bridges… I just want the Cycliq to be a little further back… so what can I make?

Well I already had a ton of GoPro mounts… I’ve owned a GoPro Hero 2, a Hero Session, Hero Session 5, GoPro 6 and now a GoPro 7 Black… so I got mounts and accessory parts everywhere… so could I make my own mount? YAS… I can! But would it work? I think so… I’ll just need these two parts: a K-Edge GoPro rear-facing mount and a Cycliq universal adapter. So here is what I was able to make.

K-Edge rear-facing GoPro mount( $40), GoPro extender parts(free-ish)
& a Cycliq universal adapter($17).
All assembled it is now long enough to extend back beyond the saddlebag and allow space for the velcro straps on the saddle rails.
Here is the MacGyver version mounted on my Specialized Tarmac and Power saddle.
Side view: Here is the MacGyver version mounted on my Specialized Tarmac and Power saddle.
Complete set-up with saddlebag put on as well.

Early Reviews

So here are my takeaways so far on the two options:
  1. Tommy’s invention, K-Edge + GoPro + Cycliq adapter.
    • Plus: I had the parts already.
    • Plus: It works.
    • Neg: It’s more costly if you don’t have the parts.
    • Neg: It’s more wobbly and I used generic GoPro parts the first time and it snapped…, so only use GoPro brand parts if you go this route. Thank you safety strap.
  2. Topeak Sport Camera Multi-Mount + Cycliq adapter.
    • Plus: 5 minute install.
    • Plus: Compact & sturdy mount.
    • Plus: Made to do this MacGyver.
    • Neg: It only has one center screw in the rail mounts, no issues so far, but I’d recommend two if they redesign it.
Do you have another solution? Hit me up and let me know! ~ Love Tiki