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01.15.2017: The Outer Loop-A-Doop

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The Outer Loop-A-Doop is a slow grind when wet or warm, but man it’s fun when it’s frozen!

After a 2.5 hr indoor Sufferfest on Saturday I was really hoping to get outside today, so when the brain-trust was trying to decide on where to ride today I threw out the idea of the Evergreen/Comlara outer loop. I think this course is mostly used by long distance trail runners and some hikers more often than by mountain bikers.

I had only ridden it once or twice before so I was glad when Fader and Wolford said they roughly knew the route. It was cold enough so most spots were frozen on a trail that is often very slow and dragging. It was much faster today and safer than all the frozen single track with questionable wooden bridges.

We got in about 13-14 miles on the outer loop and then got in some cautious single track since two of us had regular mountain bikes set-ups and Wolford had studded tires on his single-speed set-up. Best quote of the day by Wolfod “these studded tires on this frozen ground is like hero dirt bros, hero dirt”.

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The amount of trails at Comlara are much more than most mountain bikers know about or even use…, this year a small group of us is hoping to ride a lot more of the outer trails and explore other training options as we build up the the Lumberjack 100 mile mountain bike race in June.

Special Guests: Mike Woldford, Aaron Fader

The Data: Ride on Strava.