12.26.2016: #festive500 Day 03: 160k or Bust!

Wolford says to ride a two-a-day, and ride long when the weather allows, so that we did my friends.

Festive day 3 brought us sugar/carb-filled stomachs and an opportunity to ride a two-a-day. The Bloomington Cycle and Fitness race team had a 10am ride planned so a core crew of #festive500 hopefuls set out for an early ride to slog some K’s with the rain still on the roads. We didn’t really get rained on that day but the winds were nasty and the roads were wet. That meant you were either pulling in the wind or eating gravel, dirt and some random form of moisture from the tire in front of ya… nasty but still fun riding with all your bros!

When the Festive presents you with a peloton and winds of 20mph+, you tuck in tight!

There are definite + / – ‘s to joining team rides during the Festive.

Many bodies to tuck in behind on Festive day 3 On Festive day 3 they don’t have 227k in their legs
They don’t speak in K’s
They don’t wanna talk about the #festive500
They think we are all idiots
You never make fun of a teammate getting a flat, …unless it’s on the way home, and you’re really close to home, and they are a triathlete and only another triathlete waits for them. Soooooo, in this instance it’s okay then.

Special Guests: Chris Daniels, Mike Wolford, Aaron Fader, John Wyatt Danenberger, Matt Wilcoski, Kevin Gann, Rick Lindquist, Ken Hoepker, Gerrit Sinclair, Mark Tank, Jon Kiner, Brad Reid

The Data: Ride on Strava.