05:23:2019: Casein Recovery Cakes

Since I frequently post pictures of my casein cake on Instagram I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me to ask, “bro what’s this cake about?”. So I got my chef in on a quick video to show how easy it is to make this little delight that is fairly low on calories… so you too can use it to help fight the late night sweet tooth and give yourself a dessert to look forward to each night.

[* disclaimer: I have started adding chia seeds for a little extra texture since shooting this video, chia seeds, callogen and sprinkles all optional, just not optional to me. ]

Ingredients list:

  • 1 scoop casein protein
  • 1 spoon dark chocolate chips
  • 1 scoop collagen 
  • I spoon chia seeds
  • 1 spoon almond flour 
  • 1 spoon cocoa
  • 1/2 spoon baking powder
  • 3 spoons egg whites
    • Mix up, add a little water, stir til thick yogurt like consistency
    • Get 2nd bowl
    • Spray dish/bowl thin layer w/olive oil spray(makes it not stick, easier to wash)
    • Put in 2nd dish/bowl
    • Microwave for 2 minutes +
    • 1 spoon peanut butter
    • Add sprinkles if you’re a kid like me

03.12.2019 : #mixtapecollection #iamspecialized

What music gets you pump’d up… pre-ride, indoor trainer ride, in the gym… singing horribly in the car? Specialized Bicycles just dropped their mixtape collection today… so to help celebrate here are my two mixtapes! TrainerHater (rock/rap) is 100 tracks hand selected by me to hate your trainer ride just a little bit less… and a crowd pleaser, sing-outloud-jammer is basically everything DJ GirlTalk has put out in his last 4 mash-up releases!

Tiki Recommends:

Spotify Playlist: TrainerHater – 100 tracks hand selected by me to hate your trainer ride just a little bit less.

All the GirlTalk on Spotify or download all 4 albums FREE(AllDay, Feed the Animals, NightRipper, Unstoppable) at: http://illegalart.net/girltalk/shop/index.html

Spotify Playlist: This is GIRLTALK 2004 – 2008

01.15.2017: The Outer Loop-A-Doop

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The Outer Loop-A-Doop is a slow grind when wet or warm, but man it’s fun when it’s frozen!

After a 2.5 hr indoor Sufferfest on Saturday I was really hoping to get outside today, so when the brain-trust was trying to decide on where to ride today I threw out the idea of the Evergreen/Comlara outer loop. I think this course is mostly used by long distance trail runners and some hikers more often than by mountain bikers.

I had only ridden it once or twice before so I was glad when Fader and Wolford said they roughly knew the route. It was cold enough so most spots were frozen on a trail that is often very slow and dragging. It was much faster today and safer than all the frozen single track with questionable wooden bridges.

We got in about 13-14 miles on the outer loop and then got in some cautious single track since two of us had regular mountain bikes set-ups and Wolford had studded tires on his single-speed set-up. Best quote of the day by Wolfod “these studded tires on this frozen ground is like hero dirt bros, hero dirt”.

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The amount of trails at Comlara are much more than most mountain bikers know about or even use…, this year a small group of us is hoping to ride a lot more of the outer trails and explore other training options as we build up the the Lumberjack 100 mile mountain bike race in June.

Special Guests: Mike Woldford, Aaron Fader

The Data: Ride on Strava.

01.14.2017: Wolford Pain Cave….again

When freezing rain hits a day early we slip and slide our way to Wolford’s basement pain cave and he fires up some Sufferfest videos on the big screen.

We did these three in a row… gulp.

This is only recommended with other bros in the room, noone should do this many solo… haaa… no really.

Special Guests: Chris Daniels, Mike Wolford, Aaron Fader

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12.31.2016: #festive500 Day 08: No Ride, Called in Sick!

Day 8, I’m roasted, toasted, spent and worn down… womp womp waaaaahhhh… but this is my first successful Festive 500 so Ted and I celebrate with a fresh new Rapha cap and a photoshoot!

Can’t decide, do we go with bill up like in the movie White Men Can’t Jump…. Ted looking very Wesley Snipes here!

Or do we go very flatbill and undercover… very low profile as to not alert the media when Ted is on the race scene?

No matter how we wear it, we already decided that Ted looks better in it than my big old melon does!

12.30.2016: #festive500 Day 07: Fatty Urban Playtime

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The week was starting to catch up to me so tonight was just about getting out and having some fun on the Big O(aka my Specialized Fatboy)!

Rode to Bloomington Cycle & Fitness to catch up with the shop crew and then took the Constitution Trail to Uptown Normal to be a punk kid and practice riding all the stairs up and down. I had a blast and even though I wasn’t feeling awesome I was still glad I got out and rode.

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