02.01.20 February Flahutes 01: Heyworth HS PE Fundraiser

Ohhhhh man what a first February Flahutes event, we partnered with the annual Heyworth HS PE Fundraiser and what a turnout. We are hoping that some of this fine crew will join us on more of our February events… here is what event promoter Jori Cooper had to say about the Heyworth HS PE Fundraiser:

Thank you all for coming! Biggest year yet with 51 riders! Thank you to Jason and Tom for leading great rides and the newbies who were there. We hope you’ll return. Thank you to all of the sponsors, and all business who donated so many items! I planned for 45 or so riders and do hope you all got something but if you didn’t my apologies because all the cyclists are rockstars and blew my numbers out of the water!! We raised over $1300 as a few donations are still coming in!! Please come back next year!! Pencil in the Saturday before Super Bowl for the 10th annual ride to health!!

Specialized / Skratch Labs
Rider of the Event

With 51 participants there it was hard to pick, but we knew one fool hard driven all the way from Savoy, IL… so Cliff Channell was the Rider of the Event. Cliff received two new Skratch Labs bottles and some hydration samples…, thanks for coming out Cliff and already putting the bottles to use!