Athlete Factory

I have been very lucky to get the opportunity to work with several coaches the the Athlete Factory over the last 6yrs+ and help them to develop a strength program that targets the needs of endurance athletes of all ages: runners, triathletes and pure cyclists like me.

Endurance Strength:
We currently divide the year up in to two parts, in-season April – October and off-season November – march. In-season is where we train remotely at different locations following their programming that we access via a mobile app called TrainHeroic. During the off-season we meet up twice a week at the Athlete Factory in Bloomington, IL, but programming alone is still available via the app as well.

Sports Nutrition with Coach Zac Turner

Before and after from 2019 re-comp challenge at the Athlete Factory. Starting weight 181.5, ending weight 169.