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I’ve been using AltRed since late 2017 based on a referral from now pro triathlete Lisa Becharas. I am a self proclaimed train-a-holic and I saw how much Lisa was training day after day and had to know… what’s your supplement secret girl? AltRed she answered…. AltRed!

I look to AltRed to help increase my top end, fight fatigue on long training days and races, as well as help in recovery to go again and again.


AltRed Study Results:

Results from our clinical studies include: More Watts

Cyclists produced an average of 7.63 more watts (a 3.5% increase) during a 30-minute FTP test.*

More Distance

Cyclists rode an average of 2.5% farther during a 30-minute time trial.*

Increased Efficiency

Cyclists achieved an average of a 5.4% increase in cycling efficiency.*

Reduced Markers of Muscle Damage

Triathletes experienced on average a 9% reduction in a key muscle damage indicator known as creatine kinase.*

Stronger Recovery

Runners experienced 14% lower blood lactate levels after a 5k time trial.*

*These claims refer to effects observed during exercise. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.